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Naava expands to the UK market through leading furniture distributor Office Blueprint

Press release January 9, 2019

The innovative furniture living walls by the Finnish healthtech company Naava will be available in London starting in 2019. In accordance with Naava’s new partner-based expansion strategy, Naava is launching into the UK market with one of the country’s leading office furniture distribution companies, London-based Office Blueprint.

“Office Blueprint makes offices a healthy, stress-free and inspiring place to work. We are always on the lookout for the latest innovations, design trends and technology. That’s why we were eager to represent Naava in the UK,” said Managing Director of Office Blueprint, Neil Jenkins.

He continued: “As we spend most of our time indoors, reducing the amount of toxic air is a genuine, modern need here in London. Naava has created a green wall combining the benefits of nature, future technology and Scandinavian design to help get the benefits of nature into our daily lives.”

In addition to Naava, Office Blueprint represents several furniture companies such as Framery, Vitra, Hay, Knoll and Martela.

“The London area suffers from bad air quality and companies are looking for solutions to create healthier spaces for their employees and clients to benefit from. Naava is happy to help companies achieve that with the help of Office Blueprint, who has great clients which span a wide range of sectors, including finance, consulting, IT, hospitality, and education,” said VP Sales Partnerships of Naava, Kati Suomi.

Naava will start delivering its furniture living walls to Office Blueprint customers in February 2019.


  • Company founded in 2012 in Finland to reconnect humanity with nature with over 40 employees in the Nordics and the USA.
  • Naava is no ordinary green or plant wall – it is a piece of furniture that promotes wellbeing, a biological air purifier, humidifier and, when needed, a space divider all in one

  • Naava is an intelligent green wall: its functions are driven by technology and it is automated. Naava has received numerous design and innovation awards.

  • Naava is the world’s most researched green wall and its purification power has been proven in several peer-reviewed studies


For further information, please contact:

Kati Suomi, VP Sales Partnerships,, +358 40 727 6488

Neil Jenkins, Managing Director,, + Tel : +44 207 620 2725

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Naava is a Finnish health technology company founded in 2012 to reconnect humanity with nature in the built environment. We develop intelligent Naava green wall furniture products, which bring the benefits of nature indoors. Naava is more than a beautiful living wall: it’s also an efficient biological air purifier, humidifier and space divider. Wherever you are should always feel like a walk in the park. Indoors too. All you have to do is: breathe.

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