Naava was featured on Bloomberg!


Bloomberg Businessweek came to Finland to look for the next Nokia. They found Supercell - and Naava💥🙌🍃. If we can help it, a high-tech green wall is the next big thing to come out of Finland.

Go straight to Naava’s section at 11:31:

As the story points out, Naava is not a normal green wall. It’s a marriage between nature and technology, designed to make the indoors more human-friendly. In fresh indoor air, people are smarter and healthier. 

Contrary to common belief, potted plants aren’t efficient air purifiers. Therefore, Naava has multiplied their efficiency by 100-fold with its technology. That means that one Naava wall equals the purification power of 6000 plants.

Luckily it’s much easier to maintain a Naava wall than 6000 plants! Most of its functions are automated, no need to have a green thumb - you just need to add water. 

And in addition to being an efficient air purifier, Naava is a humidifier, space divider, a lighting solution and much more!

Naava Flow video 5.11


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