Announced On Times Square: Naturvention Is Now Naava

In 2025, a billion people will breathe nature's air

Finnish health technology and cleantech company formerly known as Naturvention is now Naava. The new brand was announced in New York on the iconic Nasdaq Tower screen in Times Square. The exposure was awarded to Naava by the Junior Chamber International Finland and Nasdaq as the main prize in the Finnish Productive Idea innovation competition.

“Niko Järvinen and I started this business in his Jyväskylä student flat in 2011. We aimed to create a new-of-a-kind, air-purifying green wall to solve a global problem. Now a few years later, we have delivered over a 1000 Naava smart green walls to companies and schools. It was the perfect time to change the company name to Naava. Naava is the Finnish name for Usnea that only grows in clean air environments where the air quality is unspoiled by humans. Naava smart green wall is also a guarantee for the best possible air,” said founder and CEO Aki Soudunsaari.

Since 1977, the Productive Idea competition has awarded companies like Ponsse, Genelec and Polar, who’ve gone on to become global success stories.

“An ever-increasing number of us spend their time working and living indoors. With the progress of urbanization and digitalization, the need for pure air increases significantly. Both the creative union of nature and technology in the Naava smart green wall, and the company’s strong international focus from the start convinced the jury. This is a global success story in the making,” said Kristian Seppänen from the Junior Chamber International Finland.

“People spend 90% of their time indoors nowadays. Not outdoors in the nature where we feel the best, breathing fresh air. Every day we inhale over 10 000 liters of unnatural, man-made indoor air which is full of chemicals. Moreover, our connection to nature is often limited indoors. By 2025, Naava aims to provide a billion people the chance to breathe nature’s air and enjoy nature’s health benefits,” said Naava’s Chief Revenue Officer Aslak de Silva.



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