New York, USA

As the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate, Delos wanted its new headquarters in New York City to serve as a model workplace designed to actively nurture people’s well-being and health as well as address environmental sustainability goals. The building aimed for three certificates: the Living Building Challenge Petal Certification, LEED v4, and WELL New & Existing Interiors.

The space features over 20 Naavas providing fresh and humidified air. The Delos office emphasizes natural elements like greenery and sunlight to promote the health, productivity, and happiness of its employees.

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Customer: Delos
Location: New York, USA
Space: Two story wide HQ in the Meatpacking District


As the Delos HQ transferred to bigger premises, the goal was to serve as a case study that could teach countless lessons about sustainable and healthy design.


With the special project, Naava designer models were implemented throughout the design of the premises. The plants create a stunning stairway feature while also bringing nature and fresh air to the open office as well as the gym area.

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