M Moser

New York, USA

With a mindset of putting people and the environment at the heart of design, the space of this architecture and interior design firm has been created to meet the LEEDWELL Platinum, and RESET certification criteria.

Five Naava green walls - both fixed and movable - help to purify the office air. Healthy materials have been selected to eliminate VOCs and off-gassing, the air conditioning is filtered, and sensors are implemented throughout the space to monitor indoor air quality. These measures help in reducing stress and boosting productivity at the office.

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As featured in the New York Times

Photo credit: Eric Laignel & M Moser Associates


Customer: M Moser Associates
Location: New York, USA
Space: Woolworth Building, office skyscraper
Designers: M Moser Associates


One of the oldest skyscrapers in the city needed to be modernized, while honoring the history of the original design. The vision for the new space was an agile, future-proofed “living lab” for ongoing adaption and change.


Naava One models with skates and magnetic whiteboards encourage freedom and experimentation, empowering people to adapt and innovate.

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