Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts has recently been renovated, but the new facilities still needed green solutions. The goal was to create coziness and bring in nature and clean air, which are crucial factors since there are hundreds of students and teachers simultaneously in the premises. Naava green walls highlight the importance of clean, fresh air.

Naavas are located in the school's public spaces and in quiet spaces where students can study in peace. There are also Naava green walls in the teachers' room and the administrative wing.

"We ended up choosing Naava because it best met our needs. A sustainable future is one of our school's values, and Naavas have helped bring this within our reach. They make green thinking visible. We also want to take care of the quality and freshness of the indoor air and have spaces where people want to spend their time.

We have been satisfied with our choice and received positive feedback about Naavas. We recommend Naava to others who are looking for an easy and functional green solution."

Terhi Korpela, English lecturer, Communications manager
Ukkopekka Hyvönen, Headmaster
Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts

The allergy-friendliness of Naava has also been a decisive factor, as mulch plants could not be considered. The students have treated the plants well, and the Naavas have proven to be durable and an easy-care solution.

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