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University of Birmingham Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The University of Birmingham Dubai is a global Top 100 university, delivering a first-class learning experience and an academic home for up to 2,900 students. The recently opened campus demonstrates the continued commitment to
provide a world-leading, research-informed university education.

The whole campus has been designed to facilitate and encourage collaborative and interdisciplinary working with flexible working spaces for a comprehensive learning experience. The Innovation Lounge, delivered as part of a global partnership with Siemens, provides students, staff, and partners a place to collaborate and explore ideas.

Among other innovative solutions, the fully automatic, remotely controlled Naava green walls help optimize the air quality of the room, creating an optimal environment for focus oriented tasks. Free-standing, furniture like green wall solutions improve the acoustics of the room, block distractions from view, and offer fresh air and biophilic effects that have been proven to improve focus, productivity, creativity, and energy levels. Better indoor air quality is also known to improve a wide range of cognitive abilities including problem solving, and the presence of plants is well-known to create a more relaxed environment – something everyone surely appreciates!


"Described as an Intelligent Campus, our new campus has been specifically designed to embrace sustainable practices, ensuring the University leads the way in corporate environmental responsibility whilst delivering a modern building that is capable of adapting to changes in technology, learning and climate."


Further information about the universities’ smart campus ambitions can be found here.
General information about the University of Birmingham Dubai can be found here.

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