Smarter than the rest

We spend 90 % of our time indoors. Naava brings forest fresh Nordic air indoors.


1. Reduces harmful chemicals and naturalizes indoor air

2. Optimizes humidity

3. Cloud based, uses artificial intelligence, fully automated - 10x the power of normal green wall

1. Passive system, relies on plant leaves for air purification

2. Air humidity is naturally occurring, not active

3. Designed to take care of itself, not its surrounding space

Scandinavian, minimalistic design lets nature breathe

Scandinavian design is at the heart of Naava. We design our products to bring nature’s gifts inside with beautiful aesthetic materials and craft. Nature’s enriching beauty stands out as the focal point of Naava while the frame encloses the internal technology.

Our default sized standard models Naava One, Naava One Slim and Naava Duo are an easy solution to bring nature inside into many spaces. Naava Designer allows you to create bespoke nature installations to bring nature indoors even in the most challenging and dramatic places.


Naava One

  • For open offices, meeting rooms, individual work spaces, boutiques, hair salons

  • Freestanding model: can be used as a room divider

  • Customizable backside: coat and use creatively, e.g. as a whiteboard


  • H83" x W32" x D18"

  • 140 Lb without plants and water

  • 480 Lb with plants and water

Area of Effect

  • Up to 645 sq ft

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  • naava_one-graphite_png-1000px_0140.png
  • naava_one-graphite_png-1000px_0146.png
  • naava_one-graphite_png-1000px_0166.png
  • naava_one-graphite_png-1000px_0121.png

Naava One Slim

  • Thinner version from Naava One, only 8" in depth

  • Attached to the wall

  • Able to be integrated to insets in the walls

  • Graceful design, appearance and slenderness


  • H82" x W32" x D8"

  • 112 Lb without plants and water

  • 380 Lb with plants and water

Area of Effect

  • Up to 645 sq ft

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  • naava_one-slim-white_png-1000px_0030.png
  • naava_one-slim-white_png-1000px_0064.png
  • naava_one-slim-white_png-1000px_0044.png
  • naava_one-slim-graphite_png-1000px_0078.png
  • naava_one-slim-graphite_png-1000px_0068.png
  • naava_one-slim-graphite_png-1000px_0099.png

Naava Duo

  • Two-sided design

  • Can be used as all-green room divider

  • Allows the nature effect to spread out wide in the workplace


  • H83" x W32" x D26"

Area of Effect

  • Up to 1075 sq ft

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  • naava_duo-white_png-1000px_0174.png
  • naava_duo-white_png-1000px_0182.png
  • naava_duo-white_png-1000px_0199.png

Naava Designer

  • Customized eye-catching centerpiece of space

  • Modular design: tall, wide or squared implementations

  • Different plant layouts and patterns

  • Lighting options

  • Canvas for interior designer’s green interior solutions

Frame & color options

  • The frame of Naava Designer, the surface material and its colors can be customized for each unit

  • The standard option is white painted aluminium

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Naava Designer

Naava combines the best of green walls, air purifiers and air humidifiers and more into one

Naava Air purifiers Green Walls Air humidifiers
Biophilia Yes No Yes No
Harmful chemical removal Yes Maybe No No
Particle removal Yes Yes No No
Air naturalization Yes No No No
Air humidity management Yes No No Yes
IOT & AI Optimized functions Yes No No No
Data integration to intelligent buildings & apps Yes No No No
On-site maintenance Yes Maybe Maybe No
Ease of use, mobility Yes Yes Maybe Yes
Guarantee For life 0-5 years Varies 0-3 years

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