Piece of green furniture for contemporary indoor spaces that’s been proven to purify indoor air and takes care of itself thanks to in-built smart technology.

Scandinavian design, smart technology, nature enhancing wellbeing

Naava has been created to bring fresh, Nordic air into indoor spaces. It is effortlessly achieved with the union of nature, smart technology, automation and modular, award-winning design.

Our models Naava One, Naava One Slim and the double-sided room divider Naava Duo enable nature to be brought indoors effortlessly.

Naava combines the best of living green walls, acoustic elements, and air purifiers and humidifiers into one.

Naava Air purifiers Green Walls Humidifiers
Biophilia Yes No Yes No
Acoustic benefits Yes No Yes No
Harmonious acoustics (under 21dB) Yes No Yes Yes
Harmful chemical removal Yes Maybe No No
Particle removal Yes Yes No No
Air naturalization Yes No No No
Air humidity management Yes No No Yes
IOT & AI Optimized functions Yes No No No
Data integration to intelligent buildings & apps Yes No No No
On-site maintenance Yes Maybe Maybe No
Ease of use, mobility Yes Yes Maybe Yes
Guarantee For life 0-5 years Varies 0-3 years

Designed for the needs of office spaces

With the help of Naava models, fresh air and nature can be brought inside an entire office while catering to the unique features and changing needs of the space.

NaaS - Nature as a Service

We bring fresh air and the health and productivity enhancing effects of nature to everyone’s reach with an effortless monthly payment.

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Naava Service maintenance

Our top quality service includes both remote monitoring and regular maintenance which guarantee that Naava stays in optimal condition to work as it should.

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Scientifically proven

Naava and BRE scientifically proven

Naava is scientifically proven to reduce the amount of harmful VOC chemicals in indoor air.

Led by neurobiologist, PhD Jarno Mikkonen, our science team is continuously researching Naava’s effects together with our product development team and university-level, top research facilities.

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Naava smart technology and OS interface


Hover the mouse over the numbers to find out how the technology works step by step.

Click on the numbers to find out how the technology works step by step.

Naava One Slim

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