Healthtech company Naava and workplace solutions leader Staples to cooperate in Finland

Posted by Naava on 2018/12/12

Press release 12/12/2018

Award-winning Finnish health technology company Naava and Staples Finland, a specialist in workplace solutions, announce the start of cooperation. Staples is known for office supplies, but it has updated its strategy and in the future will supply everything that workspace, breakspaces, meetspaces and washspaces need.

A new addition to the Staples range, alongside office furnishings, is the air-purifying green walls from Naava: in a single furniture-like solution, Naava brings many functions indoors – an effective air purifier, a humidifier, a beautiful living plant wall and a space divider.  

“Cooperation with Staples is a good example of Naava’s new partner strategy. Previously, we aimed at expansion with the help of our own teams and showrooms, but that strategy was too slow. In the future, we will cooperate with partners who already offer workplace solutions. A significant proportion of Finland’s largest companies are already Staples customers, meaning Staples is a good avenue for us to offer Nature as a Service and increase workers’ efficiency, happiness and performance,” says Naava founder and CEO Aki Soudunsaari.  

“Staples is known for office supplies, but now we’re going to offer more comprehensive workplace solutions. We are constantly developing our operations and we want to offer our clients an easy way of indirect procurement from a single supplier. We’re opening our new headquarters in Pitäjänmäki in early 2019, which will also be the showroom for our new offering. The numerous Naava green walls in our offices are a visible example of how people’s working environment affects our well-being,” says Staples Finland CEO Mikko Hämäläinen.

“The future Staples headquarters is a good example of how Naava can be used to easily integrate nature and its benefits into indoor spaces. People spend most of their time indoors, where they should feel as good as outdoors surrounded by natural air and nature. With the help of Naava, you can bring pure, natural air and green nature indoors, which is visible in people’s performance, health, and thus the bottom line,” says Naava’s VP Interior Design Eeva Niemelä.


  • Company founded in 2012 in Finland to reconnect humanity with nature with over 40 employees in the Nordics and the USA.

  • Naava is no ordinary green or plant wall – it is a piece of furniture that promotes wellbeing, a biological air purifier, humidifier and, when needed, a space divider all in one.

  • Naava is an intelligent green wall: its functions are driven by technology and it is automated. Naava has received numerous design and innovation awards.

  • Naava is the world’s most researched green wall and its purification power has been proven in several peer-reviewed studies.

  • Naava presently has a fundraising campaign under way to speed up its expansion and listing on the stock market:

For further information, please contact:

Aki Soudunsaari, founder and CEO, Naava,, +358 40 822 6322Mikko Hämäläinen, CEO, Staples Finland,, +358 50 376 1062

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Naava is a Finnish health technology company founded in 2012 to reconnect humanity with nature in the built environment. We develop intelligent Naava green wall furniture products, which bring the benefits of nature indoors. Naava is more than a beautiful living wall: it’s also an efficient biological air purifier, humidifier and space divider. Wherever you are should always feel like a walk in the park. Indoors too. All you have to do is: breathe.


Staples knows about space. As the leading provider of integrated solutions to businesses in Europe we’re committed to creating spaces that meet the diverse demands of today’s and tomorrow’s workplace. With a vast range of technology, branding, breakroom, safety and facilities solutions, both products and services, our purposely specialised experts are dedicated to helping you get more out of the space where ever you work – because when your space works, everything works.


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